Payment Policy:

Our goal is to serve you and your pet in every way possible. This includes ensuring your medical team provides the level of care that fits within your budget. It’s important that your financial commitment and responsibilities are made clear before treatment begins. In the case of an emergency, your pet will be stabilized before your medical options are presented.

Payment, in full is required at the time services are rendered. Feel free to ask for an estimate of charges at any time. If your pet is admitted to the hospital, the veterinarian may ask you to leave a deposit (usually 50% of the estimated treatment charges). Moreover, we will provide a treatment plan and estimate for these hospitalized patients.

Appointment Policy:

  • Please expect to arrive ten (10) minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • If you are held up in transit to your appointment, please call to let us know. If you will arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule.

Emergency cases receive top priority followed by clients with previously scheduled appointments.

Patient Arrival Policy:

For your protection, and that of others, all dogs must be held on a leash and properly controlled.

All cats must be presented in an appropriate cat carrier.

Please note: We are still providing curbside service at this time.
Once you pull into the parking lot, please park in a numbered parking space (1-10) and call into our office. We will check you in over the phone and take down the best number to contact you on while in the parking lot. We kindly ask that you wear appropriate face coverings and take your pet out of your vehicle when we come to retrieve them. Once your pet is in the clinic we request that you remain in your vehicle the entire duration of the appointment. If you have any questions regarding curbside service, please call the office. **If you do not have a cell phone, please just knock on our door and one of our staff members will come outside to check you in** 

Missed Appointment Policy:

Our goal is to provide quality care to all our patients in a timely manner. No-shows, late arrivals and last-minute cancellations inconvenience not only our Veterinarians but other clients as well. When you book an appointment, you are holding a space on our calendar that is no longer available to other clients. We would like to remind you of our policy regarding missed appointments.

A missed appointment is when you fail to show up for an appointment without a phone call.

A veterinary/client relationship is built on mutual trust and respect. We strive to be on time for your scheduled appointments and ask that you give us the courtesy of a call when you are unable to keep your appointment. As a courtesy, we provide reminder texts and emails the day before your appointment however, you are responsible to remember your appointment regardless. Below, our missed appointment policies are outlined.

Cancellation of an Appointment:

In order to be respectful of others, please call our office as soon as you know you are unable to make your appointment.  This time will be reallocated to a pet who is in need of treatment. If it is necessary to cancel your scheduled appointment, we request that you call at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments are in high demand and your early cancellation will allow another patient access to timely veterinary care.

How to Cancel Your Appointment: To cancel your appointment please call 518-885-7773. If you do not reach the receptionist you may leave a detailed message on our voicemail. If you would like to reschedule your appointment please leave your name and phone number and we will return your call promptly.

Appointment No Show Policy:

A “no-call, no-show” is a client who misses an appointment without canceling it. A failure to be present at the time of a scheduled appointment will be recorded in the patient’s chart as a “no-call, no-show”.

The first time there is a “no-call, no-show” there will be no charge to the client. A 2nd occurrence will result in you being charged a $25 fee. The 3rd occurrence will result in you being charged a fee of $55 and the client may be discharged from the practice.

Surgery Appointment No-Call, No-Show Policy:

A surgery “no-call, no-show” is a client who misses a surgery appointment without providing 24 hours notice of cancellation.  The first time this occurs we will call to offer to reschedule the appointment but our missed appointment fee of  $50 will be waived.  At the second missed surgical appointment we will call to reschedule and you will be charged a missed appointment fee of $50.  If a third incident of a missed surgical appointment occurs you will be charged a missed appointment fee of $100 and may be discharged from the practice.