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Libby Grignon

Libby Grignon has been with Mandak Veterinary Services since the spring of 2018. She is a veterinary assistant but is currently working on becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician through online classes.

Libby grew up locally in Ballston Lake, NY, and attended Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School. Animals have always been a part of her life. Horseback riding has always been one of her favorite passions, and still is to this day. As a kid Libby could be found bringing gift bags full of dog treats to all the pets’ houses in her neighborhood during the holiday season. Libby says she had to make sure everyone could celebrate!

Every job Libby has had involved animals. First was a doggy daycare, and then a horse dude ranch before she found Mandak. Working as a veterinary assistant has allowed Libby to share her passion for helping animals and people. Through this she has built relationships with people and their pets—one of her favorite things about the job.

Libby enjoys many things aside from her job as well. Currently, Libby’s younger brother, Benji, lives with her and he shares her passion for horses and the outdoors. Whenever they have time, they enjoy spending time with their horses, who are kept on Libby’s parents’ property. Hiking, camping, kayaking, and swimming are some other things that Libby also enjoys in her spare time. One thing that she has been hoping to pick up again after finishing her vet tech classes, is graphic photomanipulation. This was something she enjoyed in the past but hasn’t had enough time for recently.

Libby has what she calls a “zoo” of animals. The zoo is made up of three dogs, a German Shepherd named Molly, an Australian Shepherd named Gabe, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Princess, a cat named Button, and a Quarter Horse named Athena. Libby has two fish tanks also, which serve as great TVs for the cats.

Libby enjoys working in the veterinary field because of the impact she can make on others’ lives in a positive way. Whether it be watching a puppy grow up, helping a sick or injured animal, or helping people through the toughest decisions they will ever make, Libby is honored to be able to make a difference. Seeing the positive differences that the clinic makes in the lives of pets and their owners is what truly makes Libby happy.

The enormous amount of support and admiration that comes from the close-knit team members is what Libby loves most about Mandak. Everyone has their differences but the whole team shares trust, compassion, support, respect and friendship, and Libby believes that is what makes Mandak so special to employees, clients, or patients.